Invent your animals and create an army!

Invent new creatures by mixing real or legendary animals in thousands of possible combinations, create an army and fight in the singleplayer campaign or in online multiplayer against friends or random challengers

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Create your devastating army

With dozens of different types of animals at your disposal, generates an unbeatable army of genetically modified animals!
Thanks to the power of the Mix Machine you will be able to combine pairs of animals. The result?
The possibility of inventing hundreds of totally new and unique animals for your army.

Each animal has its statistics, skills, its health and its strengths and weaknesses: Mix them intelligently to get the most powerful creatures!

Over 1000 possible combinations: The generation of new creatures has no limits!

Fight Online or Offline

Once prepared, your army will be ready to fight locally or in multiplayer.

Play through the campaign, discover the story and unlock new animals for your army, or challenge friends and random players using a powerful multiplayer implementation.

Thanks to Peer To Peer technologies it will be possible to exploit a direct connection to have maximum stability and network speed in duels, as well as the guarantee that it will always be possible to play online in the future.

You can request a press key on keymailer.